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American dessert recipe : Alaska strawberry, without 1% doubt this is one of the most popular desserts in the U.S – (video + 2019)

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Alaska is one of the most popular desserts that make in Alaska. This American dessert recipe has a lot of fans all the world. After Crème brûléeChocolate marquise and French Gratin Dauphinois, let’s learn this American dessert recipe.


  • 4 large eggs with 7 white eggs
  • One and a half glass of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 5 tablespoons grated peanut lemon
  • Three-fourths of a cup of flour cake
  • One third of the butter is melted and cooled
  • A liter of strawberry ice cream softened
  • A half liter of soaked vanilla ice cream
  • A quarter of lemon juice
  • A quarter teaspoon of tartar cream
  • Oil


Turn the oven on to 163 ° C. Turn the coconut with a grease-spray of 23 centimeters to the side. Pour a little pouring water into the pan to boil. Turn the light on flame until it continues to boil. Inside the bowl, place the mixer 4 eggs, place half a cup of sugar and vanilla extract on the boiling water, make sure that the bottom of the bowl is not in contact with the water. Continue the egg mix until the sugar is dissolved. (For 3-2 minutes).

Add two tablespoons of grated peanuts of lemon into the egg mixture and stir the mixture at a high speed until the resulting dough is thickened. Add the flour to the ovoid mixture in a small amount and mix thoroughly until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Add the mixture in two steps and combine them well together. Put the paste slowly into the greased mold, pour the cake into the preheated oven for 28-26 minutes. After cooking, cool the cake out of the mold.

While cooking, the cake is covered with a 25-23 centimeters in diameter with a cellophane so that it is hung from the edges of the bowl. Place the casserole in the freezer for 15 minutes until it cools. Place the strawberries in a bowl of clean mixer Stir in medium speed until the blister is soft so that it is stirred for one minute. With the help of a plastic spatula, put the ice cream in the cooled bowl and make it smooth and turn it into the freezer. Inside the same bowl, vanilla ice cream mixer, lemon juice and the remaining 3 tablespoons of grated peeled lemon peeled over at medium speed until soft (about one minute). Spread this ice cream on strawberry ice cream and then cake with Put pressure on the ice cream. Put the hanging plastic on the cake for one full night into the freezer.

Turn the oven already at 245 degrees Celsius. Turn egg and tartar cream into a bowl. Mix the mixer at high speed until the whites are frozen (for one minute). The rest add a piece of sugar remaining to the mixture and mix it until the whites are firm and glossy. (Provide Meringo) Remove ice cream cake from inside the freezer. Remove the upper plastic layer. Separate the ice cream layers with the precision of the edges of the bowl by pulling the cephalon or the plastic. Contain the ice cream cake into the plate, which is heat-resistant to the whole plastic. Separate it from the ingredients. Place the product on the ice cream ice cream section of the ice cream cake. Spotula spread the material over ice cream and cake. Cover the Meringo ice cream cake for 7-6 minutes until Meringo materials become brown. Serve the dessert immediately.

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