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Chinese food recipe : Mango pudding, the most popular Chinese dessert – (video + 2019)

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Chinese mango pudding is one of the Chinese food recipes especially for guys that like mango. The style of preparing this Chinese food recipe (Mango pudding) is not so different from the international ones, but since the mango is used in many Chinese dessert recipes (Mango pudding), mango pudding recipe has many fans. I do not know how you like mango or not? If you do not have a friend, I’d recommend friends who do not like Mango to start with mango pudding recipe. After Chinese crispy chicken and Jajangmyeon, let’s learn a Chinese dessert recipe (Mango pudding).

Mango contains fibers that regulate the movements of the intestines and prevent constipation. This fruit is great for reducing inflammation of the gastric Mucosa. Granny believes that eating two small cuts of mango with honey and salt, treating summer diarrhea and other problems associated with the stomach.


  • Egg yolk 4 pcs
  • One cinnamon stem
  • Tap one and a half liters
  • Sugar is 500 grams
  • Mango Mushrooms 3 large
  • Almonds are grinding 75 gr


To make a this Chinese food recipe (Mango pudding), remove an egg yolk and mix it with a manual wire to make the liquid obtained to smooth the mango pudding. Pour the milk into a suitable container and add it to the cinnamon, put it on a stove and then boil. After boiling, remove the milk from the gas and remove the cinnamon stem from it. Then add sugar to milk. Now put the milk on the gas so that it is well-soluble in the milk with the help of warm milk. Now remove the dish from the stove and add some sugar to the egg yolks. Then add the egg yolks to the milk and place the dish on the stove. Stir the material into the container to thicken. Now remove the container from the oven, add mango and almonds. Then pour into the fridge for about 5 hours or until the mongoose pudding takes place in the mold. Enjoy this Chinese food recipe (Mango pudding)!

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