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How to cook Booghdashi (Ash Gandom)? – Iranian soup recipe

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Booghdashi is one of our most traditional and delicious Iranian sauces, which can be blended together as a lunch break for festivities and relatives. This palate, which has a lot of nutritional value, is somewhat similar to the rest of Iranian beans, but it uses various aromatic vegetables and spices that combine this material with sesame oil and give it an extraordinary taste.

Wheat has very similar properties to the properties of the barley, and its consumption is generally due to the high levels of essential salts and vitamins necessary for growth and nutrition of the body. The use of whole wheat in daily diet helps prevent and treat constipation. The use of whole grains is very beneficial for fetal development due to the high levels of folate and folic acid for pregnant and lactating women.

Whole wheat consumption helps intake of cholesterol from the intestines and exits it, helps control and lower the level of blood cholesterol and is a good and beneficial food for cardiovascular patients. Bulk wheat has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, hence the most important properties of whole wheat, the prevention of intestinal, prostate, and breast cancer. Protein and vitamins in whole wheat can positively affect the health of the skin and hair, specifically helping treat sunblock, pussy, eczema, wrinkles and reducing hair loss from the properties of wheat bran. In the end, the consumption of whole wheat and wheat germ is very useful for treating skin diseases such as skin swelling.


  • Chopped spinach 2 kg
  • Flour 2 tablespoon
  • Pea, bean, lentil, dried fava 500 gr
  • 4 to 5 big onion
  • Oil 200 gr
  • Wheat 250gr
  • Salt, turmeric and pepper


Soak wheat and all cereals last night and cook them completely. Fry chopped onions in oil and add turmeric to it. Add cereals and wheats to onions and then add some water to it. Turn down the heat and mix it regular. Add spinach to the mixture. When the mixture cook completely, fry flour with oil a little and add it to the mixture at last of baking.

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