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Cacciatore Chicken, interesting recipe for chicken – (video + Italian chicken recipe)

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Perhaps it is not in vain to say that Italian food recipe is one of the safest after food for the nations, many of the famous restaurants in the capital’s menu have included different kinds of chefs and pastas, and it may not be wrong to say that the most popular restaurants in the capital are the restaurant Italian cuisine, Juan’s Restaurant, Napoli Restaurant, Pizza Bono, Pizza Murano and many others are among the most popular Italian restaurants.

In Italian food recipes, olive oil, garlic and fresh vegetables are used extensively, but not to the extent that they use excessive consumption in some restaurants and cause customers and lovers of Italian food. We want to put an Italian chicken recipe next to you, and eat together a classy and unrivaled diet; it does not recognize the young and old tablecloth; it is a table for all tastes and all ages to cook and prepare. These foods will accompany us.


Italy’s diet has gained world renown over the last century due to social and political changes, the use of past food culture, travel to different parts of the world, and familiarity with how different types of food are used. Of course, it should not be forgotten that this reputation and its rapid growth occurred from the 18th century. Factors such as the diversity of geographical areas, the huge differences in the taste of the people, and visitors who have traveled more than the past few centuries have played a major role in the development of the diet of the people of Italy. After Risotto, let’s learn thisΒ Italian chicken recipe.


  • Chicken breast 500 gr
  • Bell pepper 100 gr
  • Tomato 250 gr
  • Onion 100 gr
  • Mushroom 100 gr
  • Olive oil 50 gr
  • white Vinegar 1 Β½ tablespoon
  • chicken ΒΎ cup
  • oregano, garlic powder, salt, pepper


For start this Italian chicken recipe, slice chicken in 2 in 2 cubes. Chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers.Β  Heat your pan and add olive oil in it. fry onion until they become golden. Add chickens, salt, pepper and oregano and fry together. Then add mushrooms and bell peppers and add hot water, extract chicken and vinegar. Then add tomatoes and let it cook completely. Enjoy thisΒ Italian chicken recipe!

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