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Chicken Adobo, an amazing taste of chicken from Philippine – (video + Filipino chicken recipe)

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In the Philippines, this Filipino chicken recipe is boiled with a mixture of stewed vinegar and soy sauce, along with garlic, blackberries and black pepper. Of course, coconut milk is also added to this compound, which has an effective role in adjusting the taste of vinegar. This is a Filipino flavor that is made with soy sauce and is considered a national dish and very tasty. Chicken Adobo sauce is made from chipotle peppers, which has some great benefits. Chipothel chili is very useful for helping you lose weight, prevent certain types of cancers, lower blood pressure, diabetic glucose regulation, cardiovascular protection and intestinal diseases.


Chilies are rich in vitamin C and have antioxidant properties and neutralize the chemical effects of substances that damage the tissues of the body. Red pepper, due to vitamin C, increases the immunity of the body, strengthens the gums and teeth. Also, the consumption of chilies is a better absorption of iron in the body and is recommended for people with anemia. One of the most important properties of pepper is its anticonvulsant property. In some parts of the world it is used in cases of occlusion to bind it.

Red peppers are not recommended for children. If the consumption of red or spicy pepper is too high, it can lead to cancerous tumors and can show anticancer effects if used at a dosage level. After Tofu, Korma chicken and Apple crisp, now let’s learn this Filipino chicken recipe.


  • Chicken 500 gr
  • Corn oil ½ glass
  • 1 onion
  • Ginger 4 slice
  • Soy sauce ½ glass


Mix chickens with black pepper. Fry chickens in the hot oil. slice onions and ginger and add them to the chickens and add 3 tablespoon soy sauce to it. mix and fry them for a few minutes. Add remain soy sauce and 1 and half glass of water to the mixture. Let them cook for 90 minutes. Enjoy this Filipino chicken recipe!


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