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Falafel, without meat and healthy food – (video + Lebanese food recipe)

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Falafel is one of the Lebanese food recipe that when we go through sandwiches near the Tehran markets like Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheymeh or Kabab Koobideh, it smells fry and brings each passerby to itself. the main ingredient of this Lebanese food recipe is pea. let’s learn this Lebanese food recipe.


  • Pea 500 gr
  • Garlic 4 cubes
  • Chickpea flour 2 tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper


We need to soak the peas to make this Lebanese food recipe. Soaking some peas will take some time, but if we add some salt to the peas, soak the peas’ half-soaked water and the peas absorbs water within two to three hours. For all grains this method can be used. This is a solution for times when we are in a hurry and we have not thought of it before. The easiest way to prepare this Lebanese food recipe is to roll it along with onions, garlic, spices and parsley into the mixer or mixer after soaking the pea. The easiest way to make this Lebanese food recipe is to bring all the ingredients together into the mixer, but if the mixer is not in use, you can turn the chicken and gravy along with garlic and onion and chopped parsley. It’s not necessary to squeeze too much stuff for mixing. After you mix, add flour. Add the egg to the material and make the ingredients well. Then we take the shape of a ball and fry it in oil.


For the preparation of chickpea Falafel, it is best to soak it a few days ago and throw it away every time. You can even boil it several times and drain it and then rotate the nuts. This causes less bloating. Spices that are mentioned in the ingredients of this Lebanese food recipe are the main spas for the preparation of this Lebanese food recipe, and it is suggested that you use all spices to make Falafel . The best spice for cooking Falafel is cumin, no matter if you add cumin or green. Adding Cumin to Falafel will help to digest it better.

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