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Gheymeh, An amazing combination of fried meat and potatoes – (video + Persian stew recipe)

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Gheymeh is one of the most popular Persian stew recipe. The popularity of this Persian stew recipe is as high as Fesenjan and Ghormeh Sabzi. This recipe is for 4 people.


  • Lamb meat 400 gr
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 3 Black lime
  • Split peas 2 cups
  • Tomato paste 3 tablespoon
  • Oil, salt, black pepper


First for start to cook this Persian stew recipe, it’s better to put the split peas in the water last night. This makes it easier to cook and get bloat. Cook split peas with a half onion in the water and another pan for 15 minutes. This is a important secret of this Persian recipe stew. We first cut the onions into small pieces and fry it with some oil in a pot. When the onions were slightly shaped and soft, we cut the meat into small pieces and add to the pot.


At this point, pour a glass of water (about 5 glasses) into the material. Then fry tomato paste with a little oil in a separate dish and add to materials pan. Increase the heat under the pot to make the water inside the pot. Then we adjust the heat mildly and put the lid on the pan until the food begins to cook slowly. Slice black limes and remove its eggs. When the meats are cooked, add split peas and then, black limes should be added to the pan. At the same time add salt and black pepper to the pan. It takes about 1 hour to cook well. Slice the potatoes and fry with some frying oil. At the end, decorate this Persian recipe stew in a bowl with some potatoes.

It is recommended to use meat from the sheep’s meat or the calf’s flesh to make it taste delicious. Of course, if you are banning red meat, you can use white meat like quail, chicken, and so on. If you pour black limes early, your taste will make you bitter.

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