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Ghormeh Sabzi, a magic for all of seasons! – (video + Iranian stew recipe)

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Of course everyone in Iran and the other countries love Ghormeh Sabzi! Gheymeh and Ghormeh sabzi and of course Fesenjan are the most popular Iranian stew recipe between Iranian people. β€œGhormeh” is a fried meat with oil and medium heat. This is the main Persian stew recipe of Ghormeh Sabzi. The best meat forΒ this Iranian stew recipe is lamb shoulder. Try use less ofΒ fenugreek, it help you to avoid beΒ bitter. Many people use veal for this Iranian stew recipe, but it is not a good idea for this food.


  • 3 onions
  • 500 gr meat
  • Ghormeh vegetables (250 gr leek, 300 gr parsley, 20 gr fenugreek, 80 gr spinach, 80 gr coriander)
  • 2 to 4 lamb shank
  • salt, pepper and tumeric
  • Red beans 100 gr
  • Black lime for each one 1 lime
  • Some oil


Soak red beans overnight. Boil lamb shanks with a half onion and 1 teaspoon tumeric and add some water until top of the lamb shanks for 2 hours. This is one of the main secret of this persian recipe stew.


Fry Ghormeh vegetables by oil and 1 teaspoon tumeric until they fry completely and their color is dark green.

Fry 2 onions and meats. Try to chop onions in very little size. Red onion is better for this persian recipe stew because it helps to make it delicious. Chopped meats like big cube. After changing color of meats, add lamb shanks and their boiled water to it. Let them to boil for 10 minutes.

Add red beans to stew and let them boil until meat and beans are cooked. Then add fried Ghormeh vegetables to it. Let this Persian recipe stew cook for 1 hour.

Take the kernels of black limes and add them to the stew with salt. The amount of salt is optional. Let them cook until this Iranian stew recipe cook completely. Ghormeh Sabzi has a dark green color and very attractive form. Enjoy this Iranian stew recipe!


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