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Iskender kebab, a magic from Turkey! – (video + Turkish kebab recipe)

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Iskender kebab is one the most popular Turkish kebab recipes in Turkey and all of the world. It has differences with Kabab Koobideh and Greek chicken kebab.


  • Beef fillet or sheep 900 g
  • Large onion 2 pcs
  • Olive oil 5 tbsp
  • Marjoram dried 2 teaspoons
  • Chili powder 2 teaspoons
  • Salt and black pepper in sufficient quantity
  • Tomato paste 3 tbsp
  • Tomatoes 3 pcs
  • Chopped green peppers 2 pcs
  • Pita or Pure Bread 6 pcs
  • Simple yogurt 500 grams


For start to cook this Turkish kebab recipe, from the day before, prepare the tastes of the meat and let the meat stay inside them in the morning. To do this, grate the onion or pour it into the feeder and crush it so that it becomes almost liquid. Discard the onion from a finely divided filter and pour it into a non-metallic bowl and disperse the debris.


Take meat as thin sheets (or ask the butcher to do this for you). Thin the sheets with a blot or with a wooden spoon as much as possible and take them in rectangles of about 4 in 5 centimeters.

Mix onion juice in a large bowl of chives, red pepper, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Put the meat sheets in it so that all the sheets are covered with material. Then cover the container with a cellophane and place it inside the refrigerator.

First of all, turn the oven at 180 Β° C to warm up. To make tomato sauce, pour the olive oil into the flakes and place the pan over the medium flame. Add the tomato paste and red pepper powder. Add some salt and black pepper to mix with them. Pour 2 pounds of water onto them and wait until it’s boiling. Lower under the flame and let it stay on the flame for 10 minutes.

Bring the bread into small squares (about 3 centimeters) and place on a frying dish. Then place them in the oven for 5 minutes to warm up.

Pour a little olive oil into the slurry and fry the slices of meat on the flame (enough for about 2 minutes for each side). Be careful not to fry too much meat. In the corner of the pan, fry half the tomatoes and the peppers.

First of all, bring the warmed bread to the bottom of the dish (leave the ears of the container empty for us). Next, put meat slices on breads like this. You can pour a tablespoon of water butter on the grill for more flavor. Put pepper and tomato in the middle of the dish or in the corner of it. Put the prepared tomato sauce on the grill and finally pour a few tablespoons of yogurt next to it. Enjoy thisΒ Turkish kebab recipe!

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