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Kabab (Kebab) Koobideh, the miracle that is 1 of the reasons of trip to Iran! – (video + Persian Kebab recipe)

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After Ghormeh Sabzi and Gheymeh, It is time for introduce of KEBAB! It is not an exaggeration to say that the Kabab koobideh is the Persian Kebab recipe that ranked first among the most popular and best-known Persian kebab recipes. Kebab koobideh is the most famous Persian Kebab recipe. Kebab koobideh is Persian kebab recipe that all of tourists come to Iran for eat this persian kebab recipe. The pleasure of eat fat and soft grilled meat on the fire is an unforgettable memo. Of course, sometimes we do not have the opportunity to cook on the fire, and we have to cook the meat in the pan, but I still say there is nothing in the place of Kebab koobideh.


Kabab koobideh are typically cooked with beef, lamb, chicken and other type of meats but Kebab koobideh with lamb is more popular. For this Persian recipe kebab, lamb ribs is the best meat for cook it. But it is better to use mix of lamb ribs and shoulder of beef. Lamb ribs is very delicious but when it is cooking, its volume reduce. It is reason why we use beef. A good spice when using this kebab is sumac that gives it a sour taste. This Kebab is served in two ways with bread or rice.


  • Minced meat 1 kg
  • Salt, red pepper, black pepper each one 1 teaspoon
  • Onion without water 250 gr


Mix all of the materials and knead them. Be careful, Make sure you get onion water before add it to meat. Mix the materials completely. One of the signs that your mix is ready to cook, is meat become Sticky.

Place the mixture on a skewer and form it. Grill them and don’t forget it have to has the same heat all of parts of meat and you have to return skewer to cook another side per 4 seconds. When Kebabs become half cooked, you can put bread on both of side of kebabs and get its oil in the bread. Kebabs oil by bread is fantastic! Enjoy this Persian Kabab recipe!

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