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How to make Affogato ? – Simple Italian dessert

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“Affogato” is one of the best, oldest and easiest desserts in Italy. Affogato means “drowned” in Italian. Affogato is a very simple mix of Italian ice cream and espresso coffee, which despite its simplicity, is the oldest coffee and ice cream meeting, with its beautiful and delicious appearance, frozen ice in Italian hot coffee, its name, which The same “drowned” is well described.


  • A traditional ice cream scoop or Italian ice cream (Gelato) vanilla
  • A hot espresso shot


First, place a traditional or Italian ice cream scoop with vanilla or chocolate flavor, with pistachios or nuts in a medium cup (minimum capacity of 150 ml).


Maybe you’re wondering what is the difference between an ordinary ice cream (traditional Iranian ice cream or American ice cream) and Italian ice cream (gelato) In the answer it should be said that the traditional Iranian ice cream has more cream and more fat, and the process of cooling or freezing it with Italian ice cream is different, which is why the Italian ice cream has a lot more flavor and color and is more suitable for the different compounds of Affogato.

Instead of vanilla ice cream, chocolate, chocolate, maple, coffee, strawberry cheese (vanilla gelatin and chocolate pieces), earrings, strawberries, chocolate milk and coconut can be used for chocolate flavor.

Then make an espresso coffee (30 mg) with an espresso machine. In some instructions, instead of an espresso shot, you can use a double shot or 3 to 4 teaspoons of strong snack coffee. Dumplings can be made with devices.

Immediately after preparing the espresso, slowly pour it onto ice cream. Decorate with ingredients like nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, bitter chocolate or cocoa. Then serve it with a spoonful of ice cream. Start the first spoon from the cold ice cream section and stretch the hot and black coffee. It’s also fun to imagine.

Tips for becoming more professional:

  • Add hot coffee to ice cream.
  • Immediately after preparing the espresso coffee add it to ice cream and serve immediately. A delicious Affogato should be served before ice cream begins to melt.
  • After preparing the espresso, you can dissolve some tiny chunks and then pour it onto ice cream.
  • Before adding the espresso, you can add 30 ml of other drinks and additives, such as sorts of spirals, to ice cream or coffee.
  • You can even use hot espresso tea or Matich tea instead of using espresso coffee.
  • Affogato can be served with pieces of biscuits or peanuts.
  • Instead of using the espresso cups, you can also use mid-cups or ice creams.

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