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Italian dough recipe : Secrets of Marzipan [Marzapane, Marchpane] and almond paste – (video + 2019)

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After Pizza dough, Cheese soup, Chicken Taquito and Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta steak, I want to introduce a specific dough that suitable for sweets in Italy.

What is Marzipan Dough?

Marzipan dough is one of the main components of Italian and German pastry, but it is interesting to know that the root of this type of decorative pastry is edible in Asia. As it was said, in the year 850, an Iranian scientist named Razi discovered the remarkable properties of almonds and almonds and prepared almonds for the first time. After the Crusades and when the Crusaders returned to Europe from the East, they brought this palatable paste into Europe. Originally, due to the high cost of almond paste, only the king and prominent and wealthy families could use it until the 19th century sugar was extracted from sugar beet and mixed with almond paste and reduced its price. In this way, sugar beet pulp was widely available to the general public.

Marzipan Dough Types

What today is made and sold as Marzipan dough is slightly different from the pastry made in the past for this purpose. In fact, the main difference between almonds and marzipan dough depends on sugar and almonds. The almond paste is a little softer and used to make cakes and pastries, but Marzipan dough is stronger and is used to make sweets, candies or even toothpastes to cover the surface of the cake. In addition, rosé dessert is used to make rosépian dough, which gives it a unique aroma to the dough. It can be made in different fruits and dipped in chocolates and cooked with a variety of delicious sweets. So, depending on the need and the use that you have, make Marzipan Dough.

It should be noted that the production of Marzipan Dough is a bit expensive, and therefore its use is not very cost effective to decorate the cake, but you can buy it in ready form from the market and make small samples of flowers, fruit or dough properly Use them to decorate the cake, but if you want to learn how to cook Marzipan, follow the office.


  • Almond powder 1.5 pcs
  • 5 pc sugar
  • Pure almond extract of 2 g cans
  • Rose 1 g. Dinner
  • Egg whites 1 pcs


First, pour almonds and sugar in the feeder and mix so that no bullets or sugar beet can be seen. After a few minutes add the rose water and almond extract and combine it again. Add the egg whites and stir so that a smooth paste can be created. If you feel the dough is still sticky and wet, add some sugar and almond powder, but do not forget that the dough becomes more coherent and tighter after it gets in the refrigerator.

Now remove the dough from the feeder and place it on the surface of the work and knead it slightly. Shape the marsupial paste into a cylindrical shape and place it inside a plastic freezer or cellophane and place it inside the refrigerator.


There are several ways to prepare almond powder or almond flour:

  • You can buy almonds with skin or buy almonds, almonds must be worn at night, soaked in cold water and then peeled. Then dry them and grind.
  • The second way is to buy your powder and powder it, in which case your cost will go up.
  • If you do not like to spend a lot of money, you can use peanut butter that is cheaper.
  • So you need about half a kilo of peanuts or almonds to make the taste both good and acceptable.
  • This dough can be stored in a freezer for 1 month in a refrigerator and up to 6 months.
  • Remove the Marzipan paste before using the refrigerator to reach the ambient temperature.
  • With this amount of raw materials, you will have about 350 grams of Marzipan paste.
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