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Japanese fish food : All types of Sushi in Japan, 1 of the popular food in the world – (video + 2019)

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Sushi (Japanese: す し, 鮨, 鮓, 寿 斗, 寿 し, 寿司) is a rice-based food in Japan and is a blend of Japanese with cooked rice and vinegar seasonings, several seafood, vegetables. At the outset, sushi was the only fish that was used in eastern Asia, but entered China’s food culture after getting to China. Sushi food recipes has many varieties, but today, for the general public, the name of sushi refers to only one species of this family of food, sushi is Edo. In this type of Sushi food recipe on an elliptical piece of rice, a thin cut of fish is laid. Fish, tofu (soy products), seafood, eggs and other foods used to fill sushi are all rich in protein. In addition, vitamins and minerals can be found in marine foods and sushi vegetables. Sushi is mostly eaten with seasoned sauces. The best way to disinfect food is to cook, but this method is not used in sushi. Some species of fish may have parasites, but the process of freezing fish destroys these parasites. Traditionally, in the past, it was used to disinfect the feed from the Japanese horseradish and pickles (pickled ginger). Also, drinking green tea is also recommended because of its specificity in preventing food poisoning. The sushi globalization process began in the United States, and today sushi is known as a good and suitable food in the world and is becoming a global food.

Crispy Shrimp Sushi

Japanese Sushi with different recipe

Dragon Sushi with avocado and tempora

Maki Zushi

Vegetable Sushi

Sushi maki

Tuna Sushi

Sushi rice

California Sushi roll

 Shrimp Sushi cake


https://youtu.be/ySaEqWe3afk Years ago, it was afternoon, when I squeezed my head awfully and put on
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