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Japanese food recipe : Top 10 the best Japanese foods in the world – (video + 2019)

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At any time of the day you turn on the Japanese TV, you will see at least some food! And you can not blame them. Japanese cuisine has a lot of perfumes and you have plenty of choices to choose from. The good food in Japan is that you can almost enjoy it anywhere. Whether you are in a luxury restaurant or just buying a lunch package from a store and spending it on the beach, you can be sure of one thing: you will have an exciting food experience! It will be very difficult to pick a menu of food before you, but do not worry! We will give you a list of the top 10 delicious Japanese recipes.


The Karaage is completely fried chicken thigh. To cook this Japanese chicken food, first put chicken thighs in a soy sauce, dill, sauce, garlic, garlic and ginger, then put in the flour and fry it. Karaage with its crisp, golden appearance always makes you angry with more eating.


Who has never heard of a sushi? Perhaps it’s the most popular Japanese food around the world. Sushi are divided into two generic categories: Maki zushi, which are rolls of fish wrapped in seaweed and Sashimi, which is cut on rice. Both are equally tasteful and delicious! But perhaps the most delicious are the Unagi, or the freshwater eel. Although this food is not served raw, but among the types of sushi is the most delicious taste.

Udon Noodles

Udon is a noodle prepared from wheat flour, prepared in a broiler made from soy sauce and fish sauce for serve. Usually on this food, meat, raw egg or tempura (fried and crushed sea foods or vegetables) are poured. One of its most delicious variants, Udon with Tempore shrimp, is a pleasant contrast between the crispy fried shrimp and soft noodle.


Ramen is a Chinese food that has been moderately modified by Japanese to suit its own taste. This food is made from wheat noodles served in broccoli with scallops, sliced ​​meat, boiled egg, mushrooms, dried seaweed or fish rolls.


Gyudon is a popular rice recipe. Beef and onion in a chicken made from soy sauce and myrine slowly, then rice is cooked with a mixture of these ingredients at the top. The end result will be very gourmet and pleasant!



Okonomiyaki, a pancake made from various ingredients such as cabbage, potatoes, meat, fish and onions, served with pickled ginger, mayonnaise or smoked tuna. Filling materials differ from region to region, but in any case it is tasty and pleasant. Do not forget to try this local food every time you go to Japan!



Tonkatsu, is meat cutlet with Japanese toasted flour. This cabbage is served with a special sauce similar to the famous Worcestershire sauce. Crispy toasted flour, delicious meat and this sauce make an exhilarating mix!



A chicken kebab is grilled on fire coal. Kebab slices are then flavored made of soy sauce and vinegar and a little salt. There are many different types of food: chicken skin or chicken breasts.


Soba noodles

Soybean is the name of Japanese buckwheat; like Ramen, this noodle is also served in a mixture of soy sauce, myrine, fish sauce and a layer of onion or tempura. In the summer, Soba is also known as Zaru Soba, which means serving the cold nodule with the sauce.



Takoyaki, pieces of octopus crushed and fried in a special pan. These small snacks are flavored with taco sauce, mayonnaise and a little onion. All these ingredients bring along a delicious taste.



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