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Japanese Sushi food : California Sushi roll, 1 type of Shushi recipes that not Japanese! – (video + 2019)

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California roll is a type of Sushi in the United States. In Japanese cooking, a cooked rice with vinegar and raw seafood, including vegetables, is called sushi, which serve cold like Dragon Sushi with avocado and tempora or Maki Zushi. The sushi roll of California has played a huge role in the global sushi popularity. The following instructions apply to both regular rollers and back and forth rolls. In this roll you can use Mango instead of Avocado. This delicious Sushi food is prepared in 20 minutes, suitable for 6 people.


  • Cucumber to the extent necessary
  • Avocado to the extent necessary
  • Baked crayfish meat is 100 grams
  • Seaweed sheet 2 to 3
  • Sushi rice 2 pcs


Place half a plate of algae on a suitable sushi mats and cover it with rice – one inch in diameter – and press the rice on the surface of the algae to stabilize it. (Note that the end of the algae should be left at a distance of two centimeters to leave the sushi on the end, when the sushi is closed).

With the help of a mat, we rotate the algae sheet a bit, so that Sushi rice is facing downwards and we start by placing the ingredients in the sushi roll.

Crab meat is thin and tall (if the crab meat is crushed, put it in the same direction in the same direction). The amount of crabs we put in roll depends on how much we want to roll.

Next to it there are 2 to 3 slices of cucumber.

On the crab and cucumber, we make a slice of avocado (thicker than cucumbers). (Note that the size and position of all materials should be the same). We can decorate it on sesame. Dark or bright sesame is both good.

We combine this mixture after rolling and cutting with a mixture of waxing (if desired) and soy sauce.

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