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Japanese Sushi food : Shrimp Sushi cake, the cake that it is not sweet but it is fantastic! – (video + 2019)

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One of the Japanese food recipes is shrimp sushi cake. It is like Crispy Shrimp Sushi or Tuna Sushi. You can eat shrimp sushi cake, crabs, algae, rice and wasabi sauce, as snacks and cold or hot snacks.


  • Shrimp 120 g + a number for decoration
  • 120 g of crab meat
  • Water ¾ 3 pcs
  • 3 ply rice
  • Vinegar rice ½ cup
  • Optical algae 3 sheets
  • Ginger Pickles 2 Tbsp + Some to decorate
  • Wasabi Powder 2 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise 2 tbsp
  • Sugar 2 tbsp
  • Salt 1 tbsp
  • Scallion 2 teaspoons
  • Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
  • Sesame 1 teaspoon
  • Radish seed buds are a bit
  • Mayonnaise and the amount of money
  • Salt and pepper powder


Mix in a small bowl of rice vinegar, salt and sugar and leave it to the side. Brush the sushi rice and water in a container and boil it over a large flame, then lower the flame, leave the lid on the lid and allow rice to heat for 15 minutes until all water is absorbed.

Pour cooked rice in a large bowl and stir it continuously. Then pour the prepared vinegar on the rice and mix them thoroughly. Leave the rice to cool down gradually and stir it occasionally.

Mix the Wasabi powder with 2 teaspoons of water. In another bowl, mix mayonnaise, chopped onion, 2 teaspoons of sauce and sauce, sour lemon juice and some salt and black pepper. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes at room temperature, then add shrimp and crab patches plus 1 tbsp of pickle ginger. Mix all the ingredients together.

Test the algae sheets to increase their taste. You can bite them with a flint to test the algae until they are dark and colored after 30 to 60 seconds.

To make a sushi cake: Place a light algae so that the surface is shiny down on the surface to dry and clean. Then, with your fingers soaked, put ½ cup rice on it. Cover the rice with a plastic shield and flatten the surface of the rice with the help of a roller coaster. Remove the plastic cover and apply some brush with a brush. Place another layer of algae on the previous layer and place 1 cup of rice on algae. Flatten it by rolling it and play some level on this layer. Place the mixture of shrimp and crayfish cooked on the top layer and spread 1 tablespoon remaining grated pickle onto it. Add 1 cup of rice to the meat and place the next algae and shape the last layer with ½ 2 ply rice. Take the cake around to find a beautiful shape. Use a knife to raise the cake and place it in a container, cover it with a plastic shield and place it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to one night.

For serving this dish (Shrimp Sushi cake), it’s best to cut it into 3 pieces with 2 slices. Garnish the cake with pickles, radish buds, shrimp and sesame seeds, and serve with mayonnaise sauce.


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