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Japanese Sushi recipe : Japanese Sushi rice, The same food that 100% Sushi needs – (video + 2019)

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This is a method of cooking Japanese Sushi rice in Japan and the countries of the East Asia that can be used in Japanese Sushi rolls fans like California Sushi roll or Shrimp Sushi cake.


  • 3 pound white rice
  • Sushi vinegar ⅓ cup
  • Water ¼ 3 ply


For prepare this food for healthy Sushi rolls, pour the rice into a large bowl, pour it on the cold water, and raise it with the hands, below and top. Then take the water and repeat it two to three times to make the water clear and smooth. Then place the rice in the drain for 30 minutes to get the water. Meanwhile, we prepare sushi vinegar.

Inside a suitable pot, pour the rice and water and place it on the medium heat, and place it in it so that the water boils. Then we warm the heat and put it firmly in order to slowly stir for about 12 minutes and collect water. Then leave it warm and leave it for 10 minutes. Put the rinse into a large bowl that is preferably wooden and not metal at all.

With the help of a wooden spatula and with a sharp section, we rinse it lightly and raise the seeds together. At the same time, pour the sushi vinegar on it, we should not pour enough vinegar so that the rice is soaked or dipped. While we slowly raise and lower the rice with one hand, with the other hand, with a fan, slowly wind it to cool slightly. Make sure the rice does not cool too much, as it will lose its moisture and dry it. Now you can use this Sushi rice for delicious and healthy Sushi rolls.

Japanese Sushi rice is a healthy food. The preparation time of the raw material and its requirements is about 40 minutes. The baking time is about 30 minutes. Sushi rice can be served at lunch-dinner. Note that the amount of raw materials and recipes is suitable for 4 people.


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