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Malaabij, 1 of the delicious and healthy food recipes ever! – (video + Persian food cuisine)

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Malaabij is one of the local foods and Persian food recipes in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran from Iran like Sour kebab, Sour chicken, Garlic and pomegranate stew and etc.


  • Big white fish 1 pcs
  • Aromatic herbs: peppermint, stomach (chewing), rubbing a bunch
  • Pomegranate sauce 2 tbsp
  • Bracelet 200g
  • Salt and pepper and hogweed


For start this Persian food recipe, we mix or pepper the vegetables with vegetables, mix pepper and vegetables with pomegranate sauce, salt and pepper. Then we cut the fish on the surface. We take fins of fish with scissors, empty the fish’s ears. Take the fish’s stomach a little chuck, remove the contents of the fish’s belly. Then clean the fish and let it stay in the filter until it breaks. Then fill in the stomach of the fish from the cereal and vegetables that we have prepared.

Pair the two edges of the fish’s stomach and suture with yarn and needle. Then we turn the head and tail of the fish and round the fish in a suitable pot and pour it under the fire in a gentle heat. Today, this fish feed can also be cooked in an easier way. After filling and stuffing the fish we trim the oven tray a little fat, pour a little flour and place the fish on the tray side by side. In the middle of the oven, we heat up to 350 degrees for an hour and a half. At this time, some sauce consists of pomegranate juice and a spoon of butter and sprinkle it with saffron to make the fish cool.

Persian food recipe is part of Gilani’s local food. The preparation time of this Persian food recipe is about 20 minutes. The baking time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This Persian food recipe can be served at lunch-dinner. Note that the amount of raw materials of this Persian food recipes is suitable for 4 people. Enjoy this Persian food recipe!

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