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Martini drink recipe : Martini, the most popular drink all of world – (video + 2019)

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After MojitoCaribbean chicken stew ,Martha Washington CandyAlaska strawberryApple crisp and New York cheesecake, it is time to introduce one of the most popular drinks (Martini drink) ever that has a lot of fans all of world. Martini is a variety of cocktails and is usually made of white liquor. It is very popular and it can be used in all seasons. You need a cocktail mixer to prepare most cocktails. Martini is an alcoholic drink that combines Gin, Vermouth and olive as a tasting. Martini is today known as one of the most famous alcoholic beverages.

Usually, the ice used to make cocktails is sliced ​​and thinned to cool the cocktail quickly and reduce the stirring of the liquefy temperature. If you do not have a special cocktail mixer, you can place two glasses, one of which is a little smaller than the other one, and squeeze the contents of each of the two glasses.

For the vast majority of high-quality drinkers (liquors), drinking liquor should be enjoyed. Alcohol has a sharp flavor and is even nasty for a group. Because of the use of a typical home-made liqueur, it does not have the delicate taste of the factory.

Mixing any alcoholic beverages with colored or aromatic or various other flavors, usually done with ice-free cocktails, is called cocktails. Also, in different ways, cocktail making seems to give you more oxygen to drink and lower the alcoholic strength, which greatly affects the taste of the liquor.

In order to enjoy the appearance of the liquor, it is usually served in different cherries of cocktails in a variety of designs and colors and various models. The ice should be consumed before and after consumption.

Martini recipe

Everyone can prepare for your taste, or Martini’s guests, but having types of juices and a variety of aromatic, soda, ice, and even sour drinks to make Martini is necessary. Of the thousands of martini types and cocktails used in the world, several examples are given below.

Gin Martini:

  • 60 cc gin
  • 10 cc red wine
  • Make a noodle olive or a lime slice to decorate the glass (cut the lemon from the middle a thin sheet with a sharp knife)
  • 4 pcs of ice


gin, wine and ice were mixed in a mixer and dipped in for 15 seconds. Put a cocktail in a glass of milk and put a toothpick inside the olive in a glass or cut the lemon and wrap the edge of the glass. Serve cold with straw.

Martini Tangerine:

  • 60 cc vodka
  • 60 cc fresh juice
  • A few mint leaves
  • 8 pcs of ice
  • A tangerine cut (half the mandarin in the middle and cut it in a thin sheet with a sharp knife)


Place vodka, tangerine, mint and ice in a mixer and mix for 20 seconds. Smooth and pour into a glass and cut the mandarin on the edge of the glass and serve with straw.

Martini Cinnamon:

  • 60 cc whiskey
  • Cinnamon powder a teaspoon.
  • Grated lemon peel a spoon.
  • One spoon Cherry jam
  • 30 cc red wine (sweet)
  • 6 pcs of ice


Cinnamon, whiskey, wine, lemon grape, jam, stir in the mixer, and grate for 30 seconds. Smooth and pour in a glass of ice in a glass of ice and serve with straw.

Gin Tonic:

  • 60 cc gin
  • 150 cc tonic *
  • Lime cutting
  • 6 pcs of ice


gin, tonic and four ice molds are mixed in a kneading mixer for 15 seconds. Smooth and poured into a glass of cocktails. Decorate the edge of the glass with a slice of lemon and serve it with two frosty molds and a completely cold serving.

Lemon drop Martini:

  • 60 cc vodka
  • 30 cc lemon juice
  • 4 pcs of ice
  • Lime cutting


Add vodka, lemon and three ice molds and mix them by mixer for 20 seconds. In the cherry, add a frozen mold and decorate the edge of the glass with a lemon slice.

* Tonic is a mixture of carbonated water (Soda). The cinchona extract is a bitter flavor that is used to treat malaria. It is commonly used as a sulfate. The other name is Tonic or Indian Soda.

Instead of tonic, you can use a freshly grated lime soda and skin while mixing cocktails, but before filtering in the cocktail of the cocktail.

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