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Naaz Khatoon, healthy food with amazing taste! – (video + Persian food recipe)

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Chicken meat, which is white meat, has a lower fat and iron content than red meat, but it does not have a definite deficiency in terms of supplying the protein needed for the body and other nutritional properties compared to red meat, so for those with a concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid High and suffering from cardiovascular disease or gout problems are more appropriate than red meat. Chicken meat is more suitable for feeding children and patients who need light and early digestion because of characteristics such as high protein, low fat, good food, soft tissue and easy digestion. This Persian food recipe is one of the healthy food that cooks with chicken meat.Let’s learn this Persian food recipe like Seerabij, Sour kebab, Malaabij and other Gilan food recipes.


  • Chicken breast 300 g
  • eggplant 4 pcs
  • Mint and parsley 300 g
  • Hot onion 6 tbsp
  • Verjuice or orange juice 3 tbsp
  • Steamed Spice
  • salt and pepper
  • Saffron solution 1 tbsp


For start this Persian food recipe, rub the eggplants and fry it.


Put in a little pot of oil, add half the hot onion.

Chop the chicken breast, add hot onion and peel together.

When the chicken’s color is changed, add the spiced spices, salt and pepper, and pepper well.

Add 2 pounds of boiling water to the stew, pepper the heat and let the chicken cook.

Cut mint and parsley, and rub in oil a little

Add the herbs to the chicken for 20 minutes.

When the chicken is completely baking, add the fried eggplant with the other half of the hot onion to the stew.

Add saffron solution to the stew and adjust salt.

After 15 minutes, the stew is ready, and you can add some veggies or orange juice to your taste, as a condiment to stew.

Important tips on how to prepare this Persian food recipe

The amount of chicken and vegetable used in this Persian food recipe is the same.

Do not overeat the greens, because a lot of trampling brings bitterness to the vegetable and destroys its properties.

If you wish, you can add some bacon plums to the stew to find the taste of sweet and sour taste.

Enjoy this Persian food recipe!

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