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Persian food recipe : The best and the most controversial Iranian foods ever from north of Iran [2019] – (video) [Part 1]

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When it comes to holidays, many people like to go to the North of Iran and its green towns, cities that have unique recipes besides unique attractions. Food is one of the symbols that perfectly illustrates the culture of each area. In northern Iran, creative people with the healthiest and best ingredients have created foods that are appetizing and delicious. Northern Iran is full of colorful foods that are famous for indigenous, tempting, and nationwide flavors.


North has a lot of Persian fish recipe that is used to make them stuffed with a unique flavor. Malaabij is one of those Persian food recipes, popular in both Gilan and Mazandaran, and is used to make it from white fish, aromatic herbs, walnut and pomegranate. This Persian fish recipe is made on fire or charcoal, but since most families today are in the oven, making it a little easier. In fact, to prepare this Persian fish recipe, a white male fish is filled with pomegranate sauce, vegetables and walnut, and in the end, fish is grilled on charcoal.

Sour Chicken

Sour chicken is a Persian chicken recipe, which distinguishes two garlic and orange garlic from other Iranian Persian chicken recipes. Ingredients for making this Persian chicken recipe, onion, garlic, orange juice, leek, chopped vegetables (parsley, coriander, mint, and sometimes bitter), water, eggs, salt and pepper. First to cook this Persian chicken recipe, chicken with onions and garlic is fried. After a while, salt, peppers and vegetables are added to the mixture. Now the turnip of cottage cheese, 1.5 liters of water and a glass of fresh orange juice are fresh, then leave the midwifery to fit perfectly after a few hours. Of course this is not the end! For 10 minutes before baking this Persian chicken recipe, two eggs are added to all parts of the cornflake. This Persian chicken recipe does not require a lot of spices because its main taste comes from freshwater and fresh vegetables.

Kal Kebab

Kal kebab is a delicious north Persian food recipe that travels nicely to the north and do not try it. You might think with the name of a grilled meat, but not at all! Ingredients for making this Persian food recipe are grilled eggplant, grated garlic and pulp, sour pomegranate juice, peppermint, and local herbs. The catcher is a northern vegetable that you can find in the local markets of the north, and since it has a lot of flavors, only a small amount of it is used in this Persian food recipe. The manner in which this Persian food recipe is made is that first grilled eggplants are sliced ​​well and then two peas and peppers and garlic and walnuts are added to it. We continue to bite until the ingredients go to each other. In the end, a few tablespoons of pomegranate juice are added to the food to take a beautiful pink color. It is interesting to know that the northerners usually make this Persian food recipe in specially made pottery dishes, which have long been used extensively.

Seer Vavij (Seerabij)

Seer Vavij, which is commonly used in the garlic season, in autumn and winter, throughout the province of Gilan. The main ingredients of this Persian stew recipe are garlic, eggs, salt, pepper, turmeric and liquid oil. To make the garlic, we first weed the garlic leaves and then add the egg to all its parts. Simply! This Persian stew recipe is usually served with rice and salted fish, and especially eats it close to the Caspian Sea!

Gija Wash

This Persian food recipe is similar to Garlic Vavij, with the difference that it is added to its gaivash vegetable. Gayvak is a local herb that grows in a car on the hills of Gilan. To make this Persian food recipe, we greet the garlic and herbs, and then add the eggs to the surface of the vegetables.

Anaarbij (Anaar Avij)

This Persian stew recipe is similar to Fesenjan, but pomegranate juice and vegetable juice are also used. The raw materials of this grilled walnut, vegetables (parsley, coriander, leek, spinach, mint and a little fenugreek), pomegranate juice, roasted onions, pomegranate sauce, salt, pepper, turmeric, minced meat and greenery. First pounded pomace, pomegranate juice and pomegranate paste and heat for a few hours to heat up. After a while, add the fried vegetable to the corn. In a separate bowl, pour the meat and add the onions into small pieces and add to the corn. A few minutes before baking this Persian stew recipe, we combine the flakes with corn. To make meat droplets open, do not use onions without water to flavor them.

Sour kebab

Sour kebab is Persian kebab recipe that cannot go north and do not test it. To make this Persian kebab recipe, the meat is mixed with vegetables, crushed oil, onions, grated garlic, ground walnuts and tangerine pomegranate sauce and grilled charcoal.

Naaz khatun

If you like the taste of eggplant, be sure to love this Persian vegetarian recipe because by eating this stuff, the grilled eggplant tasting is the first taste you feel. To make this Persian vegetarian recipe, you can use eggplant, tomato, grated onion, mint, and pomegranate. Preparation of this Persian vegetarian recipe is very easy, and the only thing that may take a bit longer is grilled eggplant neck.


This Persian vegetarian recipe is sure to please those who seek weight loss. This Persian vegetarian recipe is made with potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic and eggs, and since there is little time to cook, many northern families open up a special account when they have little time!

Shevid Ghormeh

This  Persian stew recipe  is made with fresh dill, meat, oil, onions, green tomatoes and red beans, and you have to cook for hours to make an appointment. Of course, it’s a good idea to keep your beans a few minutes.

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