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Persian stew recipe : Shevid Khooli [Shevid Khaloo], 100% when you eat this amazing stew, you will love too much! – (video)

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After Sour chicken, Kal kebab, Seerabij and Sour kebab, we want to introduce another amazing Persian recipe from north of Iran. The stew is a typical North Persian recipes that you can easily cook this delicious stew (Shevid Khooli [Shevid Khaloo]) at home and enjoy its unique flavor. In the diet of dill, plums and dill, plums, eggs and juice, and oil and salt and pepper.

This Persian stew recipe (Shevid Khooli [Shevid Khaloo]) is a very delicious and desperate food, and if you are looking for a new taste in your food, we suggest you combine the flavor and make sure you try it. If you’re one of those women who do not freeze green tomatoes, eating this steer will take the appropriate place in your freezer drawer to store green tomatoes!


  • Sour and dried plums: 300 grams
  • Small duck: one number
  • Dried Dill: Two to three teaspoons
  • Sliced Prunes: 250 g
  • Eggs: two to three
  • Flavor: One-Minute
  • Salt and pepper: to the extent necessary
  • Oil required amount


To cook this Persian stew recipe, first clean the duck well and divide into pieces, then wash the pieces of duck meat and salt.

Wash the dried plums and stewed plums separately, and fry the bite with some oil in the pots. Then add the dried strawberries to the duck meat and add two or three glasses of water and apple juice to a mixture of meat and plum Add the gas flame to the gentle heat and close the lid of the pot to make the bite dipped, then add the stewed slab to the stew and after the cooked plum, add the stew to the stew, then allow the stew to heat Gently cook the gauze and fit.

In the final step of preparing the sow, break the eggs into a suitable container and stir the eggs with the fork and add to the stew. After the eggs have been cooked and the stew has reached the oil, remove the pot from the heat of the gas. Serve the stew in the appropriate dish and serve this Persian stew recipe (Shevid Khooli [Shevid Khaloo]).

Golden tips for better baking this Persian stew recipe:

Stew is a variety of sour stews, and if you want this delicious stew has a delicious flavor, you can add one to two tablespoons of sugar.

This Persian stew is a variety of locusts of northern and western Gilan.

If you wish, you can use chicken poultry instead of chicken duck.

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