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Seer Vavij (Seerabij) incredible taste and the best food for vegetarians ! – [video + Persian stew recipe]

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Seerabij or Seer Vavij is a local Persian stew recipe of the Gilan province, which is made with chopped garlic like Naaz Khatoon, Malaabij, Shevid Ghormeh and etc. So that the leaves of the garlic are uniformly cut with a knife, then we pour in a pan and we will lean with oil. We add a little spice (salt, pepper and turmeric), and then add the eggs and let it shake. There is a bug that can be easily and in less than twenty minutes.

Garlic leaf or garlic bush is planted in different parts of Gilan and sold in markets in spring. This is a fresh and delightful leaf of garlic. The garlic leaves are used in addition to this Persian stew recipe.



  • Garlic leaves: 100 to 200 g
  • Eggs: 2
  • Oil required amount
  • Salt, Pepper, turmeric required amount


This simple and delicious Persian stew recipe is one of the most popular cuisines of Gilan, if you start your tea! This Persian stew recipe is very pretty. The leaves of garlic are actually fresh leaves of garlic, which looks like a butter, but it smells garlic. It is spreading underneath its leaves and leaves outside the soil … In the north, they sell this local herb in batches … But autumn And the winter, which has more fresh leaves … Chop the garlic leaves after washing, as much as half a centimeter, and in the oil with a little frying salt.

The only important thing is that the leaf of the garlic after blush is half the volume, even less. After the first two times the amount that you are expecting to prepare. Then, in a bowl, I drove two eggs and knitted them with the fork. I added salt and artichokes and peppers, and I put on a fried garlic plate and put it in a pan to put the eggs in. That’s fine, fast. Good luck. You can add some cheese to the egg. Served with cucumber and chopped tomatoes and enjoy this Persian stew recipe!





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