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Shevid Ghormeh, 100% you will fly after eat this delicious Persian stew! – (video + Persian food recipe)

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Shevid Ghormeh is one of the varieties of Gilan Ghormeh Sabzi and Persian stew recipes, which is slightly different from the eastern and western parts of Gilan. Here we are dealing in a relatively similar and intermediate form of the two types. This Persian food recipe is one of foods that cooks in Gilan like Seerabij, Sour kebab, Sour chicken, Anaarvij and etc.


  • Lamb meat 200 g
  • Minced meat 60 gr
  • Onion 3 pcs
  • Dill 150 g
  • Green tomatoes 250 g
  • Sugar 2 grams of soup
  • Salt and pepper and turmeric to the required amount


To start this Persian food recipe, take the core of green tomatoes to avoid being annoyed while eating. Boil sugar and green tomatoes with 2 pounds of water for about 20 minutes.


Pour in a little pot of oil and chopped onion, add meat and add some meat to the broth, add turmeric and pepper and then add the water and let it cook whole meat. One small onion Grind it and mix it with tasty meat and spice and remove it as much as a walnut and dip it in the pan with a little bit of oil. Cut the cleaned and crumble in a little oil, about 7 to 8 add the minced meat and bring it under heat, along with green tomatoes and salt and fried chicken.

Now wait until the stew falls and sit in the oil. Depending on your taste, you can measure the amount of pickles and stews. This stew has a touch of taste due to the presence of green and sugar flavors.

I would have had four green tomatoes at the core, and I did not know when baking was crushed. At that time, eating was not at all under the teeth. I think if I had 2 parts, it would have been better for me to look like a hedge and you should be more interesting.

Hope to cook and have fun this Persian stew recipe.

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