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Sour chicken, 100% you will surprise after eat this chicken! – (video + Persian chicken recipe)

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Sour chicken is one of an amazing Persian chicken recipes from north of Iran (Gilan) like Naaz Khatoon, Malaabij, Shevid Ghormeh, Kadoobare and etc.

. Sour chicken is similar to Sour kebab, but it cooks with chicken. It is interesting to know that Gilan, known to be the capital of Persian food recipes, has more than 170 different types of food and stuff.



  • Fillet or chicken breast 500 g
  • pomegranate paste 2-3 g canteens
  • Salt, pepper to the extent necessary
  • Onion 1 pcs
  • Oil (preferably olive oil) or butter 4 tablespoon
  • Walnut 3 g
  • Saffron cooked 1 g
  • Yogurt 2 grams of soup


First to cook this Persian chicken recipe, cut chicken fillets into medium square pieces to cook chicken. Pour the fillets into a bowl and add the crushed onions. Mix yogurt and saffron in a separate container and add to the fillets. Grind or mill the walnuts and add to the previous ingredients. Add pomegranate sauce and oil to barbecue and mix well.

Prefer the salt and pepper for the last step. Put the ingredients in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or more to make them feel tasty. Now, chickens are eaten into a sticks and roasted in the oven or on the stove. You are ready to sour chicken or sour chicken. You can serve it with rice or bread like any other kind of grilled meat. Next to the sour chicken, add delicious Gilan ingredients such as olive, Kal kebab, and so on.

A few tips about making sour chicken north

If you would like your food to have Gilan taste, use sour pomegranate paste.

You can also use orange juice or pomegranate juice to make chicken.

If desired, pour the sour pomegranate into for marinates.

Adding yogurt to this baked meat is due to the crunching of meat and you can either remove it or add it to your liking. Enjoy this Persian food recipe!

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