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Sour kebab, I 1000% promise you this is 1 of the best kebebs in all of the world! – (video + Persian kebab recipe)

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Sour kebab is one of the varieties of Persian kebab recipe in the province of Iran (Gilan) like Seerabij, Sour kebab, Malaabij, Kal kebab and etc. This Persian kebab recipe is made from fresh beef, sour pomegranate sauce, orange sauce and peanut walnut. This Persian kebab recipe is very delicious and it has been widely used in Gilan and Mazandaran since long times. Some people, of course, regard this Persian kebab recipe as a Gilan food and believe that sour stew is first created in Gilan, but now it is being prepared in all parts of Iran and in northern restaurants.

Northern sardines are made in different parts of the north of the country, and the main difference is the use of various local herbs that are sourced into it. Otherwise, meat, nuts, pomegranate sauce and peppers are the main ingredients of this Persian kebab recipe.



  • Beef or lamb 500 grams
  • Pomegranate sauce 3 g
  • Chopped walnuts 100 g
  • Onion 1 pcs
  • Garlic 2 cabbage
  • Vegetables (Parsley, Coriander, Savory, Tarragon) 3 tablespoon
  • olive oil ½ glass
  • Salt, pepper


First, you must graze the onion and turn it along with pomace, diluted pomegranate paste (dilute with pomegranate juice), 1 gr. of chopped sour pomegranate and fragrant vegetables and Mix some pepper.

Divide the bone-in meat into medium or large pieces and let them sit down for 3 hours to make them tasting.

If you wish, after 1 hour, add 1 grated kiwi with a good amount of salt to the ingredients.

After adding salt, you should rest for about half an hour.

Now pour the material into a rattle and roast on the stove. Your delicious Sour kebab is ready.

Tips on making this Persian kebab recipe 

You can sprinkle salt at the bottom of the oven and heat your little meat when it’s heated to prevent rancid meat from sticking. The more pepper the food is, the better it will taste. The addition of kiwi for the grilling of meat and the use of it is completely optional.The main vegetable is to cook sour barbecue.

If the local northern vegetables are unavailable, you can use peppermint, parsley and coriander, or replace the tarragon and sweet peppers. If you are interested in more foods you like, use sour pomegranate sauce, otherwise choose pomegranate sauce.

The peoples eat sour kebab with butter and butter. We hope you enjoy this Persian kebab recipe and prepare this  delicious Persian food recipe and enjoy Persian kebab recipe.

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