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Sushi maki, another type of Sushi (video + Japanese Sushi food)

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We introduced Tuna Sushi and California Sushi roll, and now it is time to know Japanese Sushi recipe as Sushi Maki.


  • Japanese rice 200 g
  • Vinegar 2 tsp
  • Algae (Optical) 6 Sheets
  • Carrot (Shattered) 2 pcs
  • Cucumber (chopped) 4 pcs
  • Fish Salmon (Chopped Barley) 150 g
  • Soy sauce to the required amount
  • Ginger has some value for cypress
  • Provide some amount for the service


Rinse the Japanese rice in a small pot, containing 300 ml of boiled water, and place it on a gentle heat to drain it completely, then cover it with aluminum paper and leave it for another 10 to 12 minutes. Heat mellow to cook completely. After cooking, stir the rice slowly with a wooden spoon to separate the seeds from each other. Place rice for 30 minutes at ambient temperature to cool, then add and mix the vinegar.


Spread the roll of a special straw and place the algae on it (so that its shiny side is below). Soak your hands slightly, remove some rice, spread it over algae, and squeeze with a special spatula to smooth out, place as much rice on algae that is 5 mm away from the algal edges;

Place carrots, cucumbers and salmon on rice and soak the empty edges of the algae with a little water, then roll the sushi with the aid of the mat. During roll-up, press it until the material is completely compressed, then with a sharp, slightly damp knife, cut a sushi in a width of three to five centimeters. Serve this Japanese Sushi recipe in a Sushi bowl with soy sauce, ginger and salad.

Please note that the amount of rice juice is higher than that of rice so that rice becomes softer.

Alternative: If you wish, you can use avocado instead of cucumber and salmon with the same amount of smoked fish or canned tuna (without oil).

Great idea: If you do not like the raw taste of the fish, you can steam it.

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