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Turkish food recipe : Top 10 Turkish food recipes that you have to taste them! – (video + 2019)

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One of the attractions of every city and country is the specialty of the area, and we all want to try this gourmet experience and thus get acquainted with the tastes of the area that we have been traveling there. For example, we have all heard, the southern regions of Iran, or the people of India, enjoy a lot of pepper foods, or it is commonplace depending on the region’s various foods, such as seafood. In this article, we are looking at a variety of Turkish food recipe, a country that travels to many of our compatriots every year for fun, business, and etc.


One of the most famous and delicious Turkish food recipes known as Turkish pizza. This Turkish food recipe is like pizza in flavors and different types, and its famous form is made with meat, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes and etc. You can find this Turkish food recipe in any restaurant.

Doner kebab

This is the most popular Turkish kebab recipe and the most common Turkish food recipe found in most Turkish restaurants and even in the usual Turkish dining table. It is served in various shapes like Prissy, Sandwich and Rice. The most famous of these Turkish kebab recipes are Adana and Urfa, which are part of the southeastern part of Turkey. Another kind of Turkish kebab recipe, Iskender kebab, is a chopped meat served with tomato sauce and some yogurt.

Lentil soup

Lentil soup is prepared in a simple but delicious way. This Turkish soup recipe is made from lentils and spices and is, to some extent, similar to Iranian soups. This Turkish soup recipe are served with bread and lime and in addition to restaurants, there are also cafes available.


A specialty Turkish food recipe for Turkey, found almost exclusively in this country. It is made from cold yogurt, garlic, eggs, vegetables and onions. In addition, beef or sheep is also one of the other ingredients, and some believe that if the meat is boiled, this Turkish food recipe will be more delicious.


One of the Turkish food recipe, which is very similar to Persian Kofta, is famous among tourists. This cowboy has a variety of varieties and, depending on your taste, cook in different shapes. It is made from meat and rice, in the middle of which it uses sour or barberry juice. One of the reasons for this specialty is due to the variety of Turkish food recipe used to make it. So if you want to taste a real and different this Turkish food recipe, you should travel to Turkey.


Midye is a special, luxury and expensive Turkish food recipe in Turkey, made out of a special oyster that is widely caught in Turkey. The meat in this type of shellfish is cooked with fragrant spices and creates a delicious Turkish food recipe. In fact, many Europeans love this type of Turkish food recipes.


A Turkish pizza with an interesting taste and taste right on the bread. Other food additives include parsley, lemon and sour tomatoes. The main combination of this Turkish food recipe is red meat, red pepper and onion.


An appetizing and delicious Turkish food that looks a bit like Iranian beans. Fresh beans are made with white beans and sometimes with meat. The flavors of vegetables and spices used in this Turkish food recipe give it a delicious aroma and a wonderful aroma.


Kokoretsi is a Turkish food recipe found on the corner of the Turkey streets. This food may not be famous among tourists, but local people love it very much. This Turkish food recipe is a collection of meat and gutted sheep cooked entirely in rolls by spices and vegetables. This Turkish food recipe is served in a pressed or sandwich style.


This Turkish food recipe is filled in the shape of the stomach potato, with the ingredients you can fill with all kinds of meat, vegetables and more. In Turkey, there are shops and restaurants that serve only this Turkish food recipe.

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