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Turkish food recipe : Lahmacun, 1 of Italian and American Pizza rivals! – (video + 2019)

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After Pide, Doner kebab and Fasulye, it is time to introduce a Turkish food recipe (Lahmacun). Turkey’s Lahmacun, also known as the “Turkish Pizza”, is made from Yufka dough, fruity and scented vegetables. The shape and content of the Lahmacun may vary depending on the location and season. I can add peppers, peanuts and green peppers.

The main ingredients of Lahmacun are meat, peppers, tomatoes and parsley. Perhaps this taste is the most well-known and popular method of baking this Turkish food recipe (Lahmacun) in Turkey, but its bake on the stone in a bakery is well-known in many areas of the city of Hero of Marais. The lime stone on the stone can be kept for two days without drying or damaging. We recommend the use of parsley, onions, low tomatoes and lots of lemons for serving caviar. Onions, parsley and tomatoes are vegetables that complete this Turkish food recipe flavor. If you can add cobble as a sour element, it’s great.


  • Minced meat: 300 g
  • Green pepper: one number
  • Chili: one number
  • Tomato: A moderate number
  • Onion: one number
  • Parsley: small amount
  • Salt: required amount
  • Dandelion: A teaspoon
  • Black pepper powder and red pepper: required amount
  • Pepper paste: half a tablespoon
  • Yufka Dough: Two Numbers
  • Butter: required amount


To make this Turkish food recipe (Lahmacun), pour your minced meat into a container. Add the green and red pepper that you have crushed to the meat. Add a few tomatoes that we have, and add to the ingredients. Now cut the onion finely or add and add to the contents of the container. We had a little parsley, and, for the better flavor and aroma of this Turkish food recipe, they were also crushed and poured into the dish. Add salt and a teaspoon of dried mint, along with black pepper and red pepper, and pepper paste to the ingredients. Now mix the ingredients well.

Leave the dish out and look for Yufka’s dough. Open a number of Yufka paste. Fat it with a blend of butter and water. Open another dough on it. Now make templates with a template. Remove dough extra. Now put the contents on the templates. After completing the work, add delicious lemon juices to the oven tray. Now place the trays in the oven at 180 ° C for half an hour until the lacquers are cooked well. Enjoy this Turkish food recipe (Lahmacun)!

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