Why should we cook ?

Cooking is an activity that in appearance its only purpose is making food and providing energy for daily activities, but if we look deeply into this activity, we will find that cooking provides the health of our body and soul from different aspects. cooking with high motivation can be the cure for many pains of us and our surroundings, not only because it is said that healthy intellect is in healthy body, and that in cooking, the body can be well-balanced by carefully choosing the ingredients and combining them, Cooking activities can also provide the background for the growth of many of our talents and bring good feelings to family members and … now we will look at its why and how at a few points:

Cooking If combined with the group work of family members to reach a simple goal – to prepare a delicious food – makes them feel good due to the spirit of the participation of the members, and because they were involved in the process of cooking, They also get more pleasure when using it. people may also find more opportunity to understand each other through this participation. Cooking is not a thunder bomb that cannot be talked and make joke when doing.

Even if you are cooking alone, you have a good opportunity to stay away from stress and thinkT especially if you pay more patient when cooking. Of course, it’s better to concentrate on cooking and use creativity in cooking. Then focus can on how you can make others more happy as much as you . Dont use the opportunity and silence you have when cooking on your unfinished discussions, cooking should be accompanied by motivation and love, and any bad feelings that accompany will affect the result of the work.

When family members see our attempt to do a creative, patiently cooking, they will understand how much we love and value them. In fact, cooking, in particular the preparation of family members’ favorite food, is a kind of expression of love and affection for them. But you should also be accompanied with creativity and learning new skills . Do you know how good it is for your child if you make a food as good as and even better than she had eaten in another place and loved it? There will be no vacuum. Distances just begin with these simple things. That a child feels that his or her parents have shortcomings in comparison to others or they do not have their friends parents patience to make a meal.

How much the food out of home is delicious and readymade, the taste of affection is not given from it. Tastes of affection are not easy to get, especially that you need to compensate for the shortcomings with creativity and sometimes risk-taking.

But when you do all these things you need to know that different aspects of your own intelligence is also strengthened by cooking. your self-confidence increase and with food you will connect  your family with the social identities of the neighborhood, the city, and relatives who are no longer awakened. A good sense of belonging to something and place makes many of the bad feelings go away from our minds.

In fact, cooking is a kind of expression that reflects our view of life and the importance we give to our bodies and our lives. When we do not have the patience for more boiling and cooking of broth, how can we have self-control at work environment and the streets and traffic?

In order not to be bored with long,skill needing cookings, It’s better to listen to a vocal lecture while cooking or to play a sweet podcast . Even having a good base for doing this, like studying and exercising, will be helpful.

Communicate with what you do and think of it as a good result to make your work process enjoyable; do not be too obsessed with it, Because whatever you think about will happen to you.joyful cookingis to have good feeling with this art, you have not participated in a World Championship that everything be ideal. to sum up, put away everything that spoils the soul of enjoying cooking and gives it an obsessive aspect.